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Dubai & Saudi Recruitment Agency (DSR) provides Visa assistance services to employers, recruitment agencies, candidates recruited directly and for family members of candidates recruited for employment in the Gulf countries

As DSR already acts as Recruiters for various employers in the Gulf countries, we have developed a good working relationship with their Embassies, especially the Saudi Embassy which have extremely strict and complicated Visa requirements. We are able to render this important time consuming service professionally and in the shortest time possible. It includes Visit Visas, Worker/Permanent Visas and Visas for family members.

DSR has the advantage of being situated in Pretoria, less than five minutes drive from all the mentioned Embassies. The South African Police department handling all Police Clearance Certificates for South Africans is also situated in Pretoria, so is the Supreme Court, which has to authenticate all documents required by the respective Embassies and the offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Employers DSR renders a Visa service to employers already recruiting employees from South Africa directly or through other recruitment agencies than DSR, at a nominal fee. Apart from handling the Visas of employees recruited from South Africa through DSR free of charge, we also provide this service to the families of these employees on married status contracts at a nominal fee.

Recruitment Agencies DSR renders a Visa service to Recruitment Agencies recruiting South African employees for employment in the Gulf countries at a nominal fee.

Candidates Recruited If already recruited, but need assistance to have your Visa arranged, DSR will assist you at a nominal fee.

Family members of Recruited Candidates DSR provides this service to the families of employees recruited on married status contracts at a nominal fee.

Note: It is important to note that it is standard practise for employers to refund this expense as part of visa costs.

If you are interested in this highly professional Visa service, please feel free to email DSR at


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